Corset Belts

Clothes I see today in the stores of all the brands have a lot of variety. Basically people are wearing what they feel good and comfortable in. Everyone has got their own style statement and the market has a huge variety to fulfill different demands. Few trends those have been ruling the fashion market for sometime now are cold shoulders and off shoulders, ruffles and the latest addition to them is one-sleeved garments. whether its red carpet gowns or the brunch outfit these trends can be seen everywhere. When it comes to the accessories belts are the accessory of the season. From over sized belts to the corset belts, belts  have become a must addition to your wardrobes. In my post of today, I have chosen to show you guys how a corset belt can be styled on different silhouettes and garments. An accessory can completely change and make the look extraordinary. So lets have a look at all the outfit ideas.

Look 1: For the first look, I chose a crisp white one-sleeved shirt dress. It is everything you need for the hot summer day outings. White is such a soothing color to the eyes . Wearing a corset belt on such a silhouette accentuates the waist and makes it look even more sexier.I tied my hair in a pony and accessorized it with a chunky finger ring. White sneakers were all I needed to complete this look for a super Sunday outing.You can buy an over-sized shirt or simply use your father’s shirt and cut one sleeve to make this dress.






Look 2: Long floral dresses in summers are what we all love to wear because of their comfort and grace. For this look, I chose a long floral white dress with ruffled sleeves and pom pom detailing. For having that extra edge over others in the crowd, you need to add a little extra and adding a corset belt on such a outfit just makes it super stylish making all the heads turn to you( and who doesn’t like attention, *wink*). I left my beachy waves open and because of its deep neckline I accessorized it with a white lace choker.






Look 3: This look can be carried off easily for the office. I wore a straight plain red dress and put on my corset belt to give it a shape. Tied my hair in a low knot to stay comfortable and classy and wore white wedges to complete the look.





So this was my take on the corset belts. Hope you guys like it. Will be back soon with another interesting post. Until then, happy blogging.



Colour story

Springs are the most colorful season and I so love it. Pinks, blues, greens become my favorite colors to flaunt because they exactly match the vibe of this season. Vibrant colors do make your day, they can put a smile to a sad face. Although I will definitely miss winters because of those chilly winds.

Talking about the ongoing trends, pink has been called the new black. What more can a girl ask for? Pinks and only pinks around her and this year is all about that. Moving to the post of today, I have picked up an over-sized denim shirt from my wardrobe to style in three different looks.

Look 1: This look will definitely take your Monday blues. The denim shirt paired up with bright blue flared pants is what you need to have an edge over others. Punjabi juttis, tasseled bangles and those wooden ear rings make the look even prettier.






Look 2: For the second look, I paired up the shirt with a pair of mint green shorts. This look is super chic and super comfortable but still keeps your style game on the top. To enhance the look, I accessorized it with couple of colorful bracelets and wore beige brogues to complete the look.







Look 3: This look is very vibrant and perfect for the girly girls. I wore a short pink dress under the shirt and tied a pink ribbon belt to highlight the waistline. To complete the look, I wore my silver shoes and wore multiple colorful finger rings.






PC- These amazing people I shot with for the first time but definitely had best of the time.  Abin peter( Instagram handle- abinpeter) and Jaya Krishnan(instagram handle- jkpixel). You must visit their pages to see their wonderful work. You can also follow me on instagram at Navneet@ KYA PEHNU to get the latest updates.

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Define your Style

When you say sporty clothes, it gives you an idea of not so feminine clothes.’Not so feminine’ because of their silhouttes which do not particularly focus on accentuating the figure. These days we have seen so many supermodels like Gigi, Kendell and Bella carrying clothes from sports brands and making them feminine and classy in their own way.  I have recently developed a thing for crossover clothing. It’s kind of sexy in its own way. For today’s post, I chose a sporty upper wear and tried adding femininity to it through different bottom wears. My upper wear has a black perforated sweater inside and a perforated Adidas jacket over it. Let’s go through all the looks to see the beauty of a sporty wear.

Look 1: In the first look, I chose a body-con bright printed skirt to pair up with the sporty upper wear. I wore black socks and white shoes to compliment the top. To get the chic feel of the outfit I made two small knots of my hair on either side. I really liked how it turned out to be.






Look 2: All black can never go wrong. So, feel free to try 50 shades of black in one outfit. This is what I did for my second look, I picked up all black pieces of different styles to create my look. A black midi-skirt with a slit, long black boots, black jacket were all that I needed to make it work.


_ADP4609 copy



Look 3: For the third look, I wanted a fun and vibrant feeling to the outfit therefore I paired up my upper with these vibrant colorful pants and silver shoes. To give it a dramatic touch, I wore my leaf earrings as ear-cuffs covering my ears and tied my hair in a bun.



_ADP4676 copy



P.C- Aakash Dutt. Do check his work on instagram and you can also follow me on instagram at Navneet@ KYA PEHNUto get the latest updates.

Hope you guys like the outfits. Let me know in the comments below. Will be back soon with another styling tip. Until then, Happy springs.





Hello guys,

Now when the winter is biding goodbye to us, let’s be ready to embrace the spring season coming soon our way. Although i am not very happy to see the winters going because it is my most favorite season. But the only thing that excites me about the coming season is clothes. I am only missing summers because of not being able to wear my favorite outfits.

I love coordinates and specially when they are in brocades. Brocade and silk have their own elegance which other fabrics can’t match up-to. Recently, we have seen celebrities like Sonakshi sinha and Vaani kappor wearing brocade coordinate suits. So, why shouldn’t we try this favorite trend of the celebs. The garment I am styling today has both the characteristics to it,brocade & coordinates. Also, I have earlier shared with you guys my love for designing the garments and this one is designed by me. Let’s take a look at this popular trend.

Look 1: I find brocades very Indian, therefore, I thought of styling it in an Indo-western way. Boho jewelry and boho looks are really popular these days and we can see so many people flaunting their boho versions. I paired the brocade coordinate suit with a black Kurta and chose a silver chunky neck-chain to accessorize the outfit. To complete the look, I chose my gorgeous silver shoes.






Look 2: The fun of styling garments is when you experiment everything possible and come out with something unusual and interesting. I wanted to keep both the looks completely different from each other and hence styled this one in a contemporary chic style. I paired up the coordinates with a white crop top and pink shoes to create this look. I kept it very minimal in terms of makeup and accessories which makes it an easy to go outfit for all the stylish ladies out there.






PC- Elreflexion (Aakash Dutt). Do check his work on instagram.

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“Jumper Time” :)


Time of a new post with some fascinating clothes. How much I love this word because my world revolves around just clothes. I feel bad for buying fast fashion but still end up buying more. Although there are better people in the world working on sustainability of clothes and working on some terrific ideas to reduce the use and throw culture of clothes. Technology has taken us really far allowing the surface of the garment to change the color, print and shades of it. Isn’t it an amazing idea? Anyways till the time it doesn’t really become mainstream we have to wait for it. Without me getting too carried away with my obsession with technology in fashion let’s come to the real story of the post of today featuring and styling a beautiful bright winter jumper. It is a very comfortable piece of clothing and can turn out be a hot piece too if styled the right way. So why delay to have a look at the beauty of this jumper.

Look 1: No matter how much you try to show some skin but winter of January in Delhi can make it a little difficult for the outdoors. So,  it is better to be smarter and dress up the right way. I chose a denim dress and a pair of black stockings to give me a chic day out look. Keeping it casual I paired the outfit with white sneakers and a half bun hairdo.






Look 2: Conventionally over sized jumpers and lush skirts don’t exactly seem like a match made in fashion heaven but this is the era of breaking all the conventional rules. You can see leather paired up with florals and what not. So, go bizarre and try out things and make a style statement. I paired up my jumper with a pleated black satin skirt and black heels. To give the dress a more feminine look, I chose a belt and wore it on my narrower waist.

_adp0202 _adp0220




Look 3: Street style is one thing that has taken over all the other more sophisticated trends. Pairing up my jumper with light blue denim joggers, black boots and a black shrug tied on my waist gave me the ideal look I desired for.






PC- Aakash Dutt. Do check his work on instagram at elreflexion.

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Velvety velvet

New year is around the corner and all of us are wondering what to wear to welcome this new year. Well, we all admit that being the best at a party is so important to us. So, why not try the latest in fashion that has taken everyone by storm, velvety velvet. I just can’t get enough of how beautiful velvet can look on you. Dressing up for parties in winters can be a little tricky but why fear when velvet is here. One can chose from variety of options of silhouettes it has to offer. It makes you look ultra glamorous and keeps you warm at the same time. Talking about the hues, I personally love the darkest of hues available. Therefore, I chose a dark emerald green shade maxi dress with a front slit for this post. I can’t wait to show you guys how I experimented with the dress.

Look 1: The shade of the dress reflects a lot of black therefore I chose to style this look with black. I wore a broad black belt on the dress to give a finer shape to the waist and paired it up with black knee high boots. I loved this rock look of the outfit, it is definitely good to go and party hard.






Look 2: For the second look, I chose to be elegant so I styled the dress with a lighter hue adding to the glow. A knitted cream scarf and a gorgeous piece of head gear was all I needed to make this outfit ready to impress.


Look 3: Thinking of the third look, I wanted to be a glam diva so I thought why not add some shimmer and sparkle to the dress. I paired my dress with this beautiful sequined shrug and black high heels. To enhance the whole look, I chose a pair of black ear rings and swept my hair to one side.




Hope you guys like the outfits. Do try on some velvet and share your looks with me. You can also follow me on instagram at Navneet@ KYA PEHNU to get the latest updates.

Picture credits- Rahil Shamsi (rahilshamsiphotography)

Wish you guys a very stylish new year, see you all in 2017. Till then, happy blogging.



Purple Drama!

“Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.” —Rachel Zoe

Style for me is a way to express yourself. What you wear and carry on you speaks a lot about you without you having to speak. That is why it is always advised to chose your clothes wisely because they express you in one or the other way.

Clothes and colors also determine your moods and have meaning attached to them. Didn’t it happened with you guys that you don’t feel like dressing up when you are in a bad mood and move out in whatever you can find without putting much thought to your looks. That is also an expression of your current mood. I have been recently hearing a lot about the purple color and you might be too. After Hillary Clinton lost the election, we could see her wearing purple for the acceptance speech and later Michelle Obama while meeting Melania Trump. Coincidentally I too picked up a dress with a shade of purple to style for this post and then I thought of researching a bit about it. It has a lot of meanings attached to it both good and bad, while good accounts for prosperity, blossom and happiness it also signifies mourning. So, now we know the reason for Hillary and Michelle opting for purple color after Donald Trump won the election. I was curious to know about this so I thought of sharing it with all of you too. Now, lets move on to the looks that i have created with this purple dress for the fall season.

Look 1: Half sweaters are what serves the purpose of protecting you from light wind. In this look, I layered the dress with a baby pink formal shirt and wore a half sweater over it. Pink and purple belong to the same family and blue is what contrasts making this look an eye soother. I paired it up with a pair of pink floral printed footwear.






Look 2: For the second look, I took the inspiration from runway looks. Paired up my calf length dress with a pair of black flared pants, a velvet jacket and a belt that gives a fine shape to the waist. To complete the look, I wore a pair of black block heels,carried a black handbag and a pair of shades.






Look 3: I kept this look very simple yet smart. I wore a black cowl neck sweater under the dress and chose a pair of black ankle boots to complete the look. My hair tied in a half bun  complement this look perfectly.






PC- Aman Kumar. Do check his work on instagram at amanwithfilms.

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Winter is coming!!!

All I know for now is “Winter is coming” and I am really  happy. Americans and Indians are facing a lot of shuffling and changes in their lives but that won’t stop us to dress up. We need to look the best and be present for everything coming to us. Talking about the month of November, it really confuses me. Its breezy in the one hour and feels hot in the other. So, how to be ready with outfits suiting this weather with the style game on top? Isn’t that a little difficult to decide because u neither want to suffocate yourself wearing extra layer nor do u want to be uncomfortable with the cold breeze. So, be smart in chosing your autumn wardrobe like I chose a checkered blue-green shirt dress to style for this season.  Let’s go down and have a look at all three of the of the looks.

Look 1: Knee length, quarter sleeves dresses go perfect for a day time look in this season.  I styled this dress as the work outfit pairing it up with nude kitten heels, a golden watch and matching golden ear rings. To add an edge to this look, I carried a handbag and tied my hair in a low messy bun.






Look 2: Carrying a blazer is always a good idea to layer when needed. I styled this look keeping college girls in mind. I wore the shirt dress back to front,paired it up with a denim and a black blazer. White snickers and nude sling backpack is all that is required to rock this look.






Look 3: I have always loved the idea of layering. So, in this look I wore a long georgette electric blue kurta under the shirt dress showing underneath. I adorned a beautiful piece of bronze neckchain to accessorize this outfit and paired it up with metallic footwear. I tied my hair in a low ponytail with middle partition making this outfit my favourite one.






Hope you guys are ready to rock November with my tips on styling your looks. Do let me know in the comments below. You can follow me on instagram at Navneet@ KYA PEHNU for the latest updates of my OOTD’s.

PC- Prem Dhanjal. Do check his work on instagram to have a look at his amazing photography skills.

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Blast from the 90’s

Fashion always makes a comeback with an inspiration from the past.  We can see the comeback of our favourite items from 90’s in 2016. In this post I am going to talk about few trends from 90’s which can be easily seen on the streets and are easy to pull off. From fabrics like silk and satin to silhouttes like crop tops, 90’s can be seen almost in all the possible aspects. Being a fashion enthusiast you like to follow all the latest trends and have the latest in your wardrobes but it is not possible to buy everything that exists out there with a limited budget.So, why not dig your wardrobe and find out garments which helps you to be super trendy in no time and cost.You can take it as a cheat sheet for some of the trends which can be easily pulled off with what you have in your wardrobes already. Let’s have a look at what I have in store for you.

Look1: All of us girls have crop tops in our wardrobes. High waist being a crazy trend entered almost all the wardrobes. I combined both of these and styled a look inspired by 90’s. Printed high waist satin pants with a silk mustard crop top looks nothing less than a super chic high end fashion. To accessorize this look, I picked up a piece of ribbon and tied it around my neck in a manner that the ends can be tucked inside my trousers looking nothing less than a gorgeous piece of choker. Short hair swept on one side, a pair of heels and a doctor’s handbag is all that is required to complete this look.





Look2: Denims are the most common thing a person owns. Denims can be turned into super sexy street trends. I chose a pair of high waist denim with bow detailing at the back and paired it up with a denim sleeveless jacket worn back to front with crop top inside. Denim on denim was a revolution in the 90’s and made a comeback in 2010 and since then has seen no turning back. You can also chose a denim shirt or a denim jacket to pair up with the denim. My little kitty worn as an accessory added a fun element to the attire and black boots completed the whole look.






Look 3: 90’s also reminds me of the off shoulder trend and we all know how much we love it. From the fast fashion stores to Sarojini Nagar, off shoulder can be found everywhere. So, I chose my favourite off shoulder top with 3D details on it to pair up with my printed high waist pants and added a shimmer to the attire by layering it up with a sequence skirt worn as a top over the other. Silver shoes and a silver ear piece made this attire a bombshell.






Picture credits- Akash Dutt (elreflexion). You can check his work on instagram.

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The Eccentric Anecdote

Hello people, have missed you all. Posting after a long time because of some health issues but now I am back on track  for all the loves out there. So,talking about the post of today, I have gone all bizarre and unconventional with the garment that I picked up for this post but somehow I liked how the looks turned out to be. I am crushing over calf length skirts for sometime now and hence this post is also featuring a skirt. I took all my favorite elements from  accessories to the garments and just created the looks. What I realized after experimenting with the skirt was we should stop stereotyping clothes or categorizing them because sometimes they can be so versatile and put you in a shock. I am sure you guys must be confused by now , so lets directly jump on to the looks-

Look 1: This look is all Indian but styling a western piece of garment which is a calf length white skirt. I paired it up with a red Jaipuri dupatta and a orange palazzo making it look like a perfect Anarkali dress. Adding chunky silver traditional jewelry pieces to it made it even prettier. I tied my hair in a low bun adding to the traditional feel.







Look 2: The second look is completely different from the first one. I wanted to be all dolled up and so I simply paired it up with a pink polka dot crop top and a floral printed pink footwear. A white broad lace choker and pearl bracelets were all I needed to enhance this look. I have tried my hands on different kinds of chokers but this one is favorite of them all. Going for a lunch with friends then simply carry a sling like I did.






Picture Credits- Rahil Shamsi. Do check his work on instagram at rahilshamsiphotography

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